A new quality of boutique hospitality in the heart of the capital

The combination of stylish extravagance and sophisticated elegance dedicated to real life enthusiasts - this is how we would define the new wing of the Hotel Rialto, which is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2019.

The hotel will be enlarged by 80 modern rooms, underground car park, glazed conference rooms and a spacious reception, which will welcome guest with unconventional décor that is characteristic for the whole new wing.

The investor of the facility is Tacit Development, while the Medusa Group's office is responsible for the design of the building:
"The distinctive, dynamic body of the building consists of overhangs of subsequent storeys, alternately sliding towards Koszykowa and Wilcza streets. The layout of facades and large glazings open the view to the terraces filled with greenery that complement the original shape of the building. The basic function of the building is supplemented with restaurants available directly from the street, as well as event and co-working space located on the first floor of the hotel. (...) The consistent character of the building is aimed at reconstructing of the old quarter development and creating a coherent and uniform cubature that fits in the characteristic, corner shape of the lot. The new building, complementing the buildings of the quarter, directly connects with the hotel functioning in a nineteenth-century tenement house ".

In addition to the original architecture of the building, we would like to surprise with the unique atmosphere of this place, offering our guests an unlimited range of new experiences. We hope that the applied solutions and creative arrangements will delight both business guests and tourists.


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We offer you 44 rooms and apartments. The rooms are equipped with original unique furniture from the 1920s, which we have sourced by scouring auctions across Europe. Colorful stained glass windows, bakelite light switches fashioned after the époque’s style and an elevator forming a copy of the one on the legendary Stefan Batory cruise ship emphasize the ambience of this venue. All these elements contribute to replicating the wonderful atmosphere of the 1920s. What sets Hotel Rialto apart is its stylistic coherence, making it the only place of its genre in Warsaw.